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It started as a bet with mates that he won in the first three years, but this determined man kept on running for another 33 years.

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Could you do that? A massive western lowland gorilla showed extreme care, playing with and looking after another primate who fitted neatly in the palm of his hand. A new museum dedicated to animal dung has opened in Tasmania.

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The Pooseum is the idea of Karin Koch, who says we can learn a lot from the science of animal droppings. A new Great Barrier Reef stamp series from Australia Post aims to raise awareness of the fight to save our natural wonder while also celebrating Stamp Collecting Month. Take our Quiz Word test and see if you can beat the clock — or take on all your classmates! Which do you hear?

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He took 4. How fast are you? Is that what makes you happy too? In classrooms all around the world, a new type of teacher is helping students learn. Would you like a robot teacher?

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Great golfers score birdies and eagles but one high school student scored a wild goose chase instead and the images went viral on social media. Researchers have discovered the reason why we have eyebrows — to help early humans show emotion and communicate before we could speak. See the amazing X-rays. Daphne the giant, inflatable duck is rescued at sea after floating away during a Perth swimming carnival. A surfing blue koala is the mascot for the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

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We meet Borobi and learn why he was chosen. Tourist Sue Elcock reels in monster fish — which is longer than her own body — while in Australia on holiday. Queensland farmers crack open giant egg to find another normal-sized egg inside. Now the record holder has just eaten his 30,th burger. Orphaned piglet Maggie May and Daisy the duckling, who was also abandoned, have become best mates after both being rescued.

A tricky poem full of secret clues has the answer to where a real treasure chest full of gold and jewels is buried. Can you solve the puzzle? Crochet artist Phil Ferguson creates funny food hats that will have you in stitches. Watch the moment a snake catcher rescues a curious tiger snake that got its head stuck in a beer can.

It's 50 years since Skippy the Bush Kangaroo hit our screens, winning the hearts of generations of children with her heroics and becoming a global TV success story. Tasmanian cycling star Richie Porte has been honoured with some amazing crop art by a farmer in his home state. Shrove Tuesday is being celebrated around the world today with pancakes before the Lent festival begins.

But why do they celebrate it? Is it a boat? Is it a car? Is it both?

Onlookers were shocked to see this bright yellow vintage car driving down a boat ramp and out onto the water. Would you try a Vegemite icypole? A mind-blowing optical illusion dubbed Curvature Blindness is sweeping the internet and promises to make you question what you see.

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  7. What are advent calendars and why do we use them in the lead up to Christmas each December? Hundreds of scuba divers will form a massive human chain in an attempt to claim a Guinness World Record this weekend. Australia basketball phenomenon Ben Simmons is part of a push to convince Americans to swap hotdogs for Aussie meat pies. Felines usually fear getting wet but beloved pet cat Nathan has proven whiskers and water can work.

    Who would have thought where to place cheese on a burger emoji could cause so much trouble? Ghost, ghouls, witches and wizards haunt Aussie streets for Halloween festivities. A Queensland real estate agent has danced his way into headlines with an unusual selling tactic. A Scottish cyclist rode around the world in just 79 days to set a new world record on Monday.

    An Australian e-sports team will be the first in Oceania to compete in the League of Legends World Championship in front of almost 50 million people. One Sydney bride has an extra sweet wedding after surprising her bridesmaids with doughnut bouquets instead of flowers.

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    A woman who lost her engament ring while gardening in has been reunited with it in the most bizarre circumstances. Grace is a year-old Melbourne schoolgirl. Her YouTube channel has more than million video views. Kids News talks to Grace. May 21, The business grew rapidly. They restored antiques like gas pumps, Coke items, popcorn makers and candy gumball vending machines.

    Collectibles that represented fun or were a throwback to a simpler time became their trademark and thus the name, Just For Fun. Just For Fun has a worldwide reputation for high-quality restorations. Just For Fun cares about authenticity and we take pride in what we do. Thanks to all our customers and friends for over 40 great years in business.

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